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How to buy SSL Certificate for website

Buy SSL Certificate for website, SSL also know as secure socket layers are the standard way for establishing encrypted connection between the server and the user. SSL certificate makes sure for your website visitor that the specific website is secured to use and the content on the website is quality with high encryption.

How to identify whether a website is having SSL certificate?

Yes, this might be questioned in your mind about website whether they are protected or not with SSL certificate and how to identify them. Easy to do that, a website without SSL certificate will have URL as but the website with SSL certificate have URL The lock symbol indicated that website is secured, that lock doesn’t only show the connection is encrypted but also show’s that the certificate provided to the website is valid and issued by the valid certificate issuing authority.

Website with SSL certificate.

So,it’s simple that website URL with https protocol is encrypted and safe to serve.

HTTPS is the protocol which encrypts the data while transmission from its source to the front end.

Importance of SSL certificate

  • 2048-Bit SSL Certificates with Strong Encryption & Authentication.
  • Google use HTTPS as a ranking signal.
  • Website visitors fill safe to visit a website again and again.
  • Chances of getting crawled fast in different search engine robots.
  • Purchase from a website will be secured. Helping to build the user-friendly e-commerce website.
Why buy SSL Certificate from Godaddy

Why buy SSL Certificate from Godaddy

One of the main reason to buy SSL certificate from Godaddy is that they provides their service all over the world and customer support is excellent. Godaddy always updates with the algorithm needed for the SSL encryption and installation of SSL certificate over your domain is simple and time-consuming in GoDaddy.

Steps to buy SSL certificate from Godaddy

» Log in to
» From top navigation select web security, there you will get SSL certificate option, click on it.

How to buy SSL certificate from Godaddy

» Now from different SSL certificate packages select any one which suits to your website and adds it to cart and follows the same procedure of buying any product on Godaddy. Here we had completed with steps to buy SSL certificate from Godaddy, now further we will deal with how to setup it on your website.
GoDaddy SSL Certificates

Steps to setup SSL certificate

After purchasing SSL certificate, now select the domain for which you want to setup the SSL certificate.

  • Request an SSL certificate for your selected domain.
  • If you need any documents, then be prepared for it.
  • Once the SSL certificate is provided for the specific domain, now you have to activate it.

Buy SSL Certificate for website

Here you are ready with https from HTTP, you can transfer all your HTTP URL to https by making few changes is your .htaccess file on a server. Hope you enjoy our tutorial, you can read Godaddy documentation for the complete details Godaddy SSL certificate. See you soon with the new tutorial, till then share our work with folks.

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