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How to become Professional ecommerce web designer

Is there any difference in eCommerce web design from the other website designs? Yes, For the eCommerce website design one should have the knowledge of turning their website visitors to their customers. Achieving such techniques and skills are not easy, you have to go through various experiments of layout designing and which type of placements will help your website to gain more business.

Things Web Designers Should Know to Become a Professional

Professional eCommerce web designer

Things Web Designers Should Know:
A Professional Should Know What the Web is and How It Works

Website navigation, widgets and much more should be known to the web designer and how actually it works, placements are the soul of the website template layouts. Assume that the Menu navigation is placed in the center of the website template then how much difficult for the user to navigate through the website, that’s why there should be proper placements of each and everything in eCommerce website templates.

You should always mention which payment gateway you accept for product checkout in the footer section of templates. Using Add to Cart button for the template when the product is featured just like in home page, helps the customer to buy directly the product if they know everything about it else they can visit the specific product page to know more about the feature and specification of Products.

User-Friendly Product Search

Landing on the homepage of your online store website is only the start for you, as the customer always wants to see more and more varieties and category. So, you should provide them a better search widget on your template – that too on the right sidebar ( maximum user are right handed so it will be easy for them ) and if you are not using sidebar then integrate into the top of every product.

In my next article, you can learn how to create excellently and webmaster supported templates for eCommerce website, I will explain each and every concept with tutorial and illustrated examples.


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