How to Buy Efficient Content delivery network service

The content delivery network is also known as CDN is the technology that is growing faster among all the services provided for storing digital content. In general, CDN is the technology that brings the data of a website or Application from the closest data storage. For example, if a website is managed from New York and the user is from Australia, rather than fetching data from the New York data centre, it will fetch the data from the nearest location may be from Australia. So this will decrease the page speed of the website, increasing the visitor.

Why website page speed matters ?

Google Webmaster Guidelines and different Algorithms of Google Search engine index always give more importance to Web page speed. As if the website open fast then the visitor will love to visit it again and recommend it to other. You can check your website page speed score on Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Pros of Fast webpage loading are as follows:

  • Google and other search engine robots will crawled your website page more.
  • Search engine index will be fast.
  • User friendly as it will  load fast.
  • Increase in Page Views, reducing Bounce rate.
  • Increase in time on website.

How Fast Should A Website Load?

The average speed for any website should be 3-4 seconds, yes it may be hard to optimize your website for 4 seconds for beginners. But using proper Webmaster guidelines can help you to achieve this target.

‘How much is a very slow site a negative ranking factor’ is a more useful interpretation of the claim that ‘website speed is a Google ranking factor‘.

How to speed up your website?

  • Minify JavaScript files, CSS, HTML can help you to reduce your webpage size.
  • Using Optimize images will help your website to load fast.
  • Instead of using external scripts, try to use Internal scripts hosted on your own server.
  • Enabling Compression will reduce data size of website.
  • Optimize .htaccess file and using proper hosting.
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But one of the main factors is the CDN service as this service will host your static data on its server and will fetch from the nearest location of your website user. MaxCDN is the leading service provider for CDN services with powerful customer service and technical help. We recommend you to use the MaxCDN service as it’s one of the cheapest CDN services. You can use the trial offer of MaxCDN only for $6.75 for 1 month.

How to use MaxCDN to Speed up your website?

First of all, you have to buy the service from MaxCDN, you can buy from this link at the lowest price. Buy MaxCDN at the lowest price.

Now you need to do the setup of MaxCDN for your website, so there are different processes according to the platform of your website. If your website is on WordPress then use the following method.

How to setup MaxCDN on WordPress website?

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Log into your WordPress Admin Panel.

On the left-hand sidebar, hover your mouse over “plugins” and click “add new.”

In the search box, type “W3 Total Cache.” Then hit the search button.

You’ll see the W3 Total Cache plugin listed under the “name” column. The description will list the creator as Frederick Townes. This is the plugin that you’ll want to install.

Install the plugin. Learn how to install the WordPress plugin.

A new menu item called “performance” will appear at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Hover over it and select “general settings.”

Log into your WordPress Admin Panel. Scroll down to the “performance” link on the left-hand sidebar and select “general settings.”

Scroll down to the page cache box. Check the box to enable page caching and then make sure that “Disk: Enhanced” is the selected method.

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In the next box down, enable the minify function by checking the box and selecting the “manual” mode.

Database cache should be disabled, so make sure that the “enable” box is not selected.

Check the boxes to enable object and browser caching.

Enable CDN, and then select MaxCDN from the drop-down list.

On the left-hand sidebar, look under “performance” and click on “CDN.” Now you can enter detailed CDN settings.

In the “general” section, you can select which file types to host on CDN. To get SEO benefits, check the box for “add a canonical header.”

Scroll down to the “configuration” section. In the “authorization key” field, you need to input your API details, which consist of your alias, consumer key, and consumer secret.

Once you’ve entered your authorization key, you can enter your CDN domain into the “replace site’s hostname with” field.

Your CDN domain was created when you made a pull zone. To find it, go to your MaxCDN control panel and click on “manage” for the pull zone you’re working with. Your “CDN URL” will be listed – copy and paste that into the hostname field back in WordPress, and you’re good to go.

Hit the “test MaxCDN” button to make sure everything is in order.

You might be directed to the W3TC plugin page with this error: “A configuration issue prevents CDN from working: You need to select/create a pull zone. Specify it here.” If this happens, just click the provided link called “specify it here” and you’ll be directed back to the “configuration” section in WordPress to select a pull zone from the newly provided drop-down list.

Once you’ve done that, try clicking on “test MaxCDN” again. It should work this time.

To finish up, click “save all settings.”

In this article, we had discussed using MaxCDN services to speed up your website, all the settings portrayed here are for basic use, if you need advanced settings then ask us in the comment box. we would love to help you any time.

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