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What is AMP page ?

Website development is turning more technical concept day by day because of regular update in SEO algorithm by giant Google search engine. SEO expert has to update its knowledge with changing time with various algorithms basics,  as Search Engine Optimization is important for every search engine. So, don’t be lazy and start earning every update which is released by search engines.

Mobile friendly website

After the separate mobile algorithm for SERP by google every website has to update it for mobile friendly features, website view-port should be for any device screen.

Website Page speed

AMP which is abbreviated as Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source program which came after the talk between big technology companies and publisher. Actually, every web page takes average 6 – 8 seconds to get open on Mobile phones even if the user is using fast 3G internet connection, to overcome this issue the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages is introduced.

AMP page

In this fast living style, no one waits for seconds for anyone then why will the visitor wait for a website to take several seconds to get fully load, much time because of this many visitors abandoned the page which leads to increase in BOUNCE rate of that particular website. Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load instantaneously – they are a step towards a better mobile web for all.

AMP will be game changer for Website World

Every developer knows the importance of speed for opening ( loading) website and it will be Heaven for the visitor if any website load instantly. We came to know that the website which is having more BOUNCE rate is only due to its low loading time, nearly the website which takes 10 seconds to load are listed in higher BOUNCE rate.

AMP formats are designed in such a way that even developer can display advertise with its content of the article with the instant load which can help in earning more revenue as the visitor will surf the website content more and easily increasing in PAGE VIEWS of the website.

How do AMP page work?

Read next tutorial to know more about AMP and if you have any question regarding AMP then please comment below we will reply with every detail to solve your query.

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