Why should avoid Free Web Hosting?

If you want to start a business whether online or offline you need investment, it can be the investment of time or money or maybe both. Consider an offline business says one is wishing to open up a shop what he needs is money for inventories, manpower etc. Similarly, blogging is one kind of online business and you need investment for it as well.
But the beauty of the internet is that the hosting, domain names are available at a low cost so, this is not such a big deal for the investment. In my opinion, if you are planning to open up your online business at least go with your domain name. Why do successful bloggers have the names of their websites like “MyWebsite.com”, “MyWebsite.co.uk”
instead of having “MyWebsite.blogspot.com” etc.

If you are getting something for free it doesn’t mean that you are getting a quality product. Always the cost reflects the quality. Today, people keep sucking for “free things”, “promo codes”, “special offers”, “buy one get one/two free” etc. Though the market is running with the high competition we can’t get the quality product for the lowest cost. People used to shop with at least some bargaining and end up with false thinking that we bought a quality product for such a less price.

Initially, every blogger starts their blog on free web hosting and domain name. What every blogger wants is high traffic on the blog and money from their blog. In the beginning, bloggers do not believe in the paid packages of web hosting they think why should I waste my money if already free hosting is available? According to me, a serious blogger should never think of it. There might be some blogger who thinks if the hosting providers are providing free hosting, then why they are also providing paid packages? why do successful bloggers are choosing paid packages? If you are such a blogger and confuse? don’t worry here are some of the reasons that will clear you why should avoid free web hosting.

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1. Limited Storage and Bandwidth:

If you are using free hosting, it might happen that you are trying to load your site and what you found is a 404 error, got stuck? Don’t worry, for avoiding such a thing I suggest you avoid free web hosting. Free web hosting providers also have paid packages. Paid users are having priority over free users. While hosting your site read the
terms and conditions carefully, you will see that the service providers can delete your content it might be for reasons only but you will never know the reason. Also, you need to wait longer for uploading your files than the paid users.
As per my experience, the free services are recommended only for getting started with your website, to understand how to promote your content etc. This kind of service is the worst option for those who want to make something from a website, earn money by providing efficient content and services. Investing at beneficial in a proper way is a very good idea.

2. You don’t own your own site:

If you read the term and conditions of the free hosting service providers you will find that legally you do not own your site. You cannot share, sell or even transfer your blog to others. Blogger does not allow you to take ownership of your own space that’s why you cannot sell your blog.
If you are caught secretly selling your blog, the blogger will close your blog and will remove it from the search engine.

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3. Lack of safety:

The service provider cannot guarantee the safety of the blog’s contents. The data is insecure, there may be the chances of getting data hacked, removed etc. I remember an incident that happened with one of my friends, having free hosting for his website. The provider was providing free web hosting. Including my friend, most of the bloggers started their online business with that provider. Provider’s server was hacked by some hackers and some days after hacking, they sent an email containing the message “we are sorry as we could not get back your content”. If he would be a paid user, he might not have become the victim of such a crash.

4.No guaranty of free service:

Free service providers may terminate their free service anytime. They can decide on their own and close the free service as there is no bond of the service with the free web hosting. Before terminating service, as per terms and conditions they undoubtedly will inform you to move content on the new server. If your domain is already hosted, they may allow you to redirect your links to the new domain. But what if they terminate their service, your links become dead and you cannot redirect your links.

Hope I have cleared away your confusion about the free web hosting and paid web hosting. I would suggest free hosting for those only who want to understand the world of blogging not for those who want some output from their site. With free hosting, you can easily and without investing a penny understand and get an experience of blogging.

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