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What is Google Firebase




Everything is changing with the beats of seconds, then why not developers (programmers) be a part of such upgrade in the programming world. The online giants are building the new technologies and launching them to attract more clients and users, for example, Facebook recently launched Facebook Instant Article somehow similar to Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Who are Firebase

Firebase was founded by two hardcore programmers name Andrew Lee and James Tamplin in 2011 but the major feature which provokes Google to buy this company was realtime cloud database launched in April 2012. The company was acquired by Google in October 2014. Firebase actually works on a product of realtime database providing its customer an API allowing developers to store and sync data across multiple clients.

Services Provided by Firebase

Realtime Database


Firebase Auth

Open Source Projects by Firebase



Nice to see that you had completed reading this article and I am confirmed that you must learn the basic of Google Firebase. The service and the open source project listed in this article are provided by FIREBASE company, but after the acquiring by Google, the services and projects are increased. Even recently Google Firebase has added new features to make app development easier for developers, including Notifications, file Storage, Analytics, Remote Config, Dynamic Links, and more. So, here we had completed with the article on the introduction of Google Firebase, in my upcoming article you can see the tutorials on Google Firebase.

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