How to change WordPress admin username

Username is used to find the identity of the user related to the particular id on the different website, WordPress admin username can be used for login to WordPress dashboard from /wp-admin/ URL. WordPress username for admin must be secured with highly secured characters, numbers and ASCII symbols combination password and it comes to know that many WordPress user would use their username as ADMIN. It will be my good advice for you if you are also one of them to change with any other because by using SQL injection many hackers can easily hack your WordPress website with username as ADMIN.

Don’t know? How to change WordPress admin username, No worry in this article I will explain you three different ways which can be used to change WordPress username with few clicks.

WAY 1: Create a New User and Delete the old one

If you are in hurry, then this way is simplest to change the WordPress username, you have to create a new user with your desired username and with the administrative user role. You need to use the different email address from the present User admin account.

Now logout and then login with new username and password credential’s you just created, Go to Users section and click on the Delete link under your old username and even you can change your email address to your old in new username by editing your Admin User profile.

While deleting your old username, WordPress will prompt you what you want to do with content related to your old username. Don’t forget to click on “Attribute all content to:” option and then select the new user you just created. After that click on “Confirm Deletion” button to delete the old user account.

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WAY 2: Change Username by Using a Plugin

Another simple way to change WordPress username is to use WordPress Plugin. Many users don’t prefer to use the plugin for small things as they think WordPress plugin may cause damage to a website, then I will advise you to use this plugin and change your username and then you can safely delete this plugin.

What have you done to? Install plugin, don’t know how to install WordPress plugin then read my article HOW TO INSTALL PLUGIN IN WORDPRESS OK after installing this plugin activate the Username Changer Plugin. Now go to Users > Username Changer page.

Simple steps you have to select the username which you want to change, and then enter the new username and follow basic clicks. Click on the save changes button and you are done with the mission.

WAY 3: Change Your WordPress Username Using phpMyAdmin

Making any change to database directly is not recommended by me, but then also if any pro-WordPress user wants to change their username by making changes in WordPress database directly then please do with proper guidance from this article. This way may be helpful when you forget your username and password at that time you will not be able to access your WordPress dashboard,  so the only option will be the accessing database directly.

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The first thing you need to do is log in to your cPanel. Scroll down to the databases section and click on phpMyAdmin.

Next, you need to select the database that your blog is hosted in.

You will see your WordPress database tables. By default, WordPress database tables use wp_ as the prefix before each table’s name. It is possible that you may have been using some other prefix.
Click on the table wp_users on the left-hand side. Then click edit on the username that you want to edit.

Now change the user_login value to any name you want. For example, you can replace ‘admin’ with ‘buzz’

Hit the Go button and you are done.

Completed, I hope you learn all three different methods to change the WordPress admin username with this simple article. You can comment if you have stuck with any method, I am always ready to reply you with the easiest solution to your query. Hope you enjoy my article and I will not mind if you share this article everywhere.

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